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Which Cleans Floors the Best: a String Mop Vs Sponge Mop

Nov 24,/2021
Different mops have different function,but the common using is cleaning floor. When people buy a mop, the most basic requirement is cleaning without scratching the floor and leaving no dirt and watermark. As the most common mop in the market, string mop and sponge mop always be the competitive partner.

String mops

String mop is usually made by cotton blended and synthetic yarns. It can remove dust and absorb water well, especially for rough cement floors and cheap than other mops. So it is very popular with families.
However, the string mop head is not easy to dry, it is easy to hide dirt.

Sponge mop

The most prominent feature of the sponge mop is good water absorption. When use string mop, the hair will be wrapped around the cloth, but sponge mop will not, it can move hair smoothly. This mop is very suitable for using on slippery tiles.
In summary, if you need a mop for daily cleaning,you can choose different mops according to the floor material. For most family, sponge mop is a good choice, it will not scratch the floor and easy to wash the sponge head after mopping.