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What are the best toilet brushes

Toilet brush is one of the essential household cleaning products, which plays a important role to improve our Living conditions. Keeping a toilet clean can greatly reduce the risk of disease and develop good living habits. Good toilet brushes can make users feel better, in contrast, poorly designed toilet brushes always lead a mess. Because of this, what are the best toilet brushes?
Product Formation
First, we all know that toilet brushes can normally divided into head part and base part. The head part for cleaning use, and the base part for fixation and storage. From the point of use, we can choose different kinds of toilet brushes and plungers in one set. From the choice of materials, because ordinary steel material is easy to rust, we usually choose stainless steel, plastic or water-soluble material, all these have advantages and disadvantages.
Stainless steel is more firm and durable, not easy to deformation. However it is more heavier to use, and on the downside, higher prices also make consumers hesitate. In comparison, plastic toilet brushes are more cost-effective. We can use TPR brush head to clean soft surface, or choose PP brush to remove stubborn stains. All these plastic materials are more convenient to use. But there are trade-offs too. Although we no longer need to worry about rust, but should be careful of plastic breakage and aging deformation. Another different material is water-soluble microfiber, use for disposable toilet brush. After use, put the disposable brush head into toilet, it can dissolve in water after a period of time. This type is easy for clean, but the brush head needs to be replaced each time be used.

Our Top Picks
Portable Bathroom Cleaning Toilet Cleaning Brush With Holder
Basic type of plastic toilet brush. One PP brush head and one plastic base.
1.Long-term durability PP material brush, head is not easy to deformation.
2.Bowl design brush head is suitable for corner cleaning, And it’s easy to clean after use, stain in not easy to remain.
3.Round cover design caddy reduce order and will not tip over.

2 in 1 Toilet Brush & Plunger New Style High Pressure Plunger
A set include one PP brush and one TPR plunger. More choice, more useful.
The product contains a high efficient toilet brush, a powerful toilet plunger and a two-compartment steady holder, Convenient space saving stylish design and sanitary storage.
For clearing tough clogs of toilet bowl, shower drains and sinks. Ergonomic handle features a secure and comfortable grip, makes your plunging more effectively, it’s great for commercial and residential use.
Soft bristles are not easy to get deformed, they are economical and practical, the dense nylon bristles offers thorough and deep cleaning of under-rim area and those hard-to-reach corners. Water easily drips off bristles into hygienic holder, brings you a refreshing cleaning experience.
Compact space saving design keeps your toilet brush hidden and provides a sanitary storage. Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Silicone TPR Round Wall Hanging Toilet Brush Set
Steel handle with TPR head, good design and convenient for use.
Soft and strong TPR bristle can clean toilet corner without scratch the glaze
Tweezers conceal in the handle,pull out tweezer and pick up hair on floor quickly.
The TPR head is easy to clean after water rush and easy to dry.
High-quality PP thickened base won’t tip or collapse easily. Put the base into the buckle, it can be easily hung on the wall. Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.