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The Best Toilet Brush Brand for 2022

Toilet brushes play an important role in our lives as a tool for daily cleaning of toilets.

Guide of toilet brush purchase
1. Composition of toilet brush
The toilet brush is mainly composed of a handle and a brush head.

1.1The handle of the toilet brush
According to common household use, toilet brushes can be divided into two types:stainless steel and plastic. They all have their pros and cons.
stainless steel
Stainless steel toilet brushes have a longer service life and are less prone to deformation and breakage. But its shortcomings are also obvious. Sometimes when cleaning the toilet, it may rub against the surface of the toilet due to the unstable hand, which means there will be a little unpleasant noise. And the temperature of the handle itself is quite low. When you use it in winter or when the room temperature is low, you will be frozen by it if you are not careful. In a way, it can make you very awake.
The advantage of the plastic toilet is that it is light weight and labor-saving to use, and its shape will be more diverse and beautiful. At the same time, the toilet brush with a plastic handle also has the disadvantage that it cannot be exposed to the sun to prevent the handle from being broken, and the toilet brush with a plastic handle cannot be used too hard when cleaning, resulting in the breakage of the handle terminal.

1.2 Brush Head Material
Replaceable brush head
The toilet brush with replaceable brush head can be thrown away at one time after use and replaced with a new one. It does not need to be reused and then cleaned, which is clean and hygienic.

TPR material
The advantage of the rubber brush head is that it is not easy to get hair on the toilet when cleaning the toilet, and it is easy to clean up after use.

How to choose a toilet brush
For the purchase of plastic brush heads, the following 2 aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing:
Toilet brush head shape
In order to be able to clean the inner edge of the toilet and some corners that are difficult to clean, when purchasing a toilet brush, check whether the design of the brush head is convenient for cleaning the grooves and edges of the toilet.

toilet brush bristles
When purchasing a toilet brush, you can pull the bristles by hand to observe whether there is shedding. Generally speaking, the density of the bristles should be tough, and it is not easy to shed when pulling.

2. Toilet brush recommendation in 2022

Blue Portable Bathroom Cleaning Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush With Holder

Long-term durability PP material brush head is not easy to deformation.
Bowl design brush head is suitable for corner cleaning, and it’s easy to clean after use, stain in not easy to remain.
Round cover design caddy will not tip over.

Jesun New Design Easy Clean TPR Bathroom Toilet Brush with Caddy

Soft TPR bristles will not scratch the surface of the toilet. The flat and pointed brush head is designed to better clean all corners of the toilet bowl.
The open design base facilitates ventilation and quickly evaporates excess moisture from the bathroom cleaning brush.

2 in 1 Double Hockey Toilet Brush Bathroom Toilet Plunger Bowls Brush New Style High Pressure Plunger
New Style High Pressure Plunger

This product contains an efficient toilet brush, a powerful toilet plunger and two compartment fixing brackets for convenient space saving, stylish design and hygienic storage.
Ergonomic handle with a secure and comfortable grip makes your cleaning more efficient, ideal for commercial and residential use.

Eco Friendly New Design TPR Soft Double Heads Toilet Brush

Special curved brush head, easy to clean.
Tweezers Design: The tweezers are hidden in the handle, pull out the tweezers, easy to pick up the hair on the floor

Jesun Modern Silicone TPR Round Wall Hanging Toilet Brush Set
High-quality PP thickened substrate, not easy to overturn or collapse. Put the base into the clasp and you can easily hang it on the wall.
Pull out the tweezers hidden in the handle to quickly pick up hair and pet hair from the floor.