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How to sweep like a professional person

Everyone knows the broom, and I don’t think I need to waste more time introducing it. This classic cleaning tool must be found in every household. Ancient brooms consisted of a long handle and a bristle head for cleaning. However, with the emergence of more and more novelties on the market, brooms are no longer just a single form and function. Although there are many cleaning products on the market today, the broom is definitely a solid choice for you. It is suitable for cleaning on many occasions and does not require additional equipment to use with other cleaning products, except that it needs to rely on your physical strength.

1.Choose a better broom
One cannot make Bricks without straw.
Here are the features a good broom should have.

Upright Design
Easy to store
Interlocking handle
Dustpan included
Telescopic handle
Handle is relatively solid and durable

Families with pets must be very distressed about cleaning pet hair. A heavy-duty broom is ideal for you. They have multiple layers of bristle brushes. The brush head can easily capture pet hair.

Try to choose products with perfect functions. Cleaning products take up a lot of space. It is better to buy one product with better functions than buying multiple products.

How do you broom-sweep the last little bit of dirt from the floor into a dustpan?
I believe that many people have such a question that every time the floor is swept, there will always be some dust and paper scraps that cannot be swept into the dustpan. Trust your own cleaning skills, this is definitely not just a doubt that one person will have. For this one problem, all ordinary brooms can’t solve it.
If you want to solve this trouble, you can only clean up the large pieces of garbage first, tilt your dustpan to an angle of 45 degrees or more (provided that there is not a lot of garbage, otherwise the dust in the dustpan will fall out and the effect will be definitely counterproductive).and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the remaining dust. Vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums are both great options. Of course, these products are not cheap either.
Maybe you just want to solve this problem and don’t plan to buy expensive rechargeable cleaning products, I recommend the sweeper to everyone.
This machine is more used for cleaning carpets, and people usually call it a carpet sweeper. Carpets usually hide a lot of dust and dirt, so special cleaning tools are needed to clean them. This tool came into being. Since it cleans carpets, it’s equally effective on floors. It is very good for fine dust, dust, small paper scraps, and other invisible garbage.

How to care for your broom?

Keep the broom bristles dry
An old comb can be prepared for cleaning the bristles.
Do not lift or drag the broom to the ground, so as to avoid immediate residue and dust on the broom, thereby polluting the environment again.

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