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How to choose a right duster

How to choose a right duster? Duster is a kind of common household cleaning products, available in many styles. Choosing the right dusters can improve our cleaning efficiency.

The microfiber duster is a good choice for cleaning granular stains like dust. It can effectively absorb dust, prevent dust up. At the same time, relatively low price is also one of its advantages, but we should carefully check whether there is no fiber shedding, color fade and other quality problems.

Compared with microfiber dusters, chenille dusters have a wider applications on household cleaning. Chenille fabric has a better water absorption, which is better for cleaning liquid stains. Among other things, Chenille Dusters can be used to clean cars, walls, and window glass.

The scenario in which dusters are used is also an element of choice.When following vehicles or carrying, you should always choose dusters that are portable and simple, such as fold-able handheld dusters. When cleaning indoor or house walls, telescopic rod dusters should be selected to adjust the length, so that petite users can easily clean the ceiling and other sanitary dead spots. We can also choose adjustable angle duster head to meet more requirements.

Due to material and cost, most dusters are difficult to clean and cannot be reused for long periods of time. When the dust duster shows obvious wear and tear, we should replace it in time, so as to ensure the best use experience.