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How Often Should Toilet Brushes be Replaced in our Home?

Toilet brush is one of the necessary cleaning tools in daily life, and it is also the easiest to hide dirt among all cleaning tools. Over time, a toilet brush produces many bacteria after a long wipe of dirt, so in other hand, we can say the toilet brush is dirtier than the toilet.

Although toilet brushes can be cleaned by washing and disinfecting, we should replace them frequently to ensure the health of ourselves and our families. When cleaning the toilet, we can use it with toilet cleaning liquid, then rinse the toilet brush with clean water and dry it. After one to two weeks of use, soak in sterile water to destroy most bacteria.

When should a toilet brush need to be replaced? This is the first question we should understand. When you find that your brush bristles start to change color, fall off, and even the unpleasant smell can’t be dissipated, it proves that the toilet brush has accumulated a lot of bacteria and started to mold, then you should replace the toilet brush.

So how often should you replace the toilet brush? In our opinion, if you flush your toilet brush every time you use it, then it’s best to replace it every six months for good health. If you just put it aside after use, you should replace it more often less than six months, because the toilet is damp and it is very easy to breed bacteria.

Based on healthy and cleaning, there are more and more products designed with this concept on the market. When we choose a toilet brush, we can choose a disposable toilet brush or a toilet brush that can replace the brush head, which is more convenient and will not forget to replace it because of a long time. In addition, using a wooden toilet brush and natural bristles is also more environmentally friendly.

When we choose a toilet brush, we should take the issue of replacement into consideration and choose the toilet brush that is most suitable for us.