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How do you clean your broom?

How often do you clean your broom? As a necessary cleaning tool for a family, the broom is easy to hide dirt after long-term use, so monthly cleaning is very important.
Cleaning the broom can be divided into three stages: before cleaning, during cleaning, and after cleaning.

1.Before cleaning
Before cleaning, you must remove the broom head and you can shake off the dust on the broom and remove the hair. Getting most of the dirt off ahead of time increases the effectiveness of subsequent cleanings.

2.During cleaning
When you start cleaning, you can prepare a basin of warm water at first and add an appropriate amount of cleaning solution. Soak the broom head in water for half an hour, and then take a brush to remove the dirt from the broom. You can repeat this step several times to ensure that the dirt is completely brushed off, therefore, you may need to replace several basins of water during this process.

3.After cleaning
After brushing off the dirt, you ran the broom under the tap and ran it under running water to make sure there was no residue. Then you can take it out to dry. Make sure to keep it in a ventilated and dry place so it won’t get moldy.
You don’t just clean he bristles of broom head, you also need to clean the pole. It can be disinfected by spraying with disinfectant, so that your use will become safer and more hygienic.

4.Daily keeping
Remember to store the broom in a dry and ventilated place, which will reduce the development of mold and bacteria. If there are children in the house or the broom is used frequently, the frequency of cleaning the broom should be higher. You can clean it every one to two weeks, because the broom is very easy to hide dirt.