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FOUR Trended Mop Designs in 2021

2021 we have many new mop designs, and some of them are very popular among customers. These designs are innovative in terms of materials, accessories, shapes and functions.
Squeeze mop with bucket
It is undeniable that mopping the floor is the most tiring and time-consuming housework. Earlier, people had no choice but to mop the floor with their hands. But now the situation has changed. There are all kinds of mopping equipment on the market that can prevent people from hurting their hands or bending when mopping the floor.
This floor cleaning mop includes a cleaning bucket, retractable handle and wringer to squeeze dirty water out of the mop. your tedious mopping work can become a simple and trouble-free experience.

Self-wringingd mop
These mops are easy to wash and dry quickly, with its self-wringing system that prevents your hands from touching the dirty mop.
Flexible 360 swivel microfiber mop head moves freely in all directions, making it effortless to reach under sofa, furniture and more narrow space.
The mop with the collapsible design, can stand upright without leaning against the wall or you can hang the mop with the hanging hole for easy and compact storage.

Twist mop with large head
Twist mop is easy to use wringing system and hand free. Super large mop head, can use on all floor types.
Scrubbing pad on mop head remove stain stuffs easily.
Cotton or yarn-twist microfiber head has strong water absorption.
Flexible handle design, easy to disassemble.

Attached accessories to assist cleaning

We provide suitable accessories to assist cleaning tools, like general tube, scraper, mop holder and so on. These little accessories can effectively improve cleaning efficiency, embody the people-oriented design concept.