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Five recommendations for choosing universal brooms and dustpans

The most commonly used cleaning tools in every family are brooms and dustpans. We can find that there are more and more different types of brooms and dustpans on the market, but in fact, for these general-purpose brooms and dustpans, we can choose useful tools from the following aspects:

1.Dustpan is flush with the ground
The biggest function of dustpan is to collect and hold garbage, so If there is a rubber lip installed in front of the dustpan, and the rubber lip is flush with the ground, all debris and garbage can easily enter the upright dustpan.
About the models without rubber lip, you can check if the front end of the dustpan has a curvature and is flush with the ground.

2.No Bending Clean Up
A stand-up dustpan and a long-handled broom are a perfect match. Sufficient handle length allows you to clean without bending over, The detachable pole can also be freely adjusted in height, making cleaning easier. The stand-up dustpan locks in open position easily dispose of contents in the garbage can without spilling.

3.Teeth design
The dustpan built in comb teeth for easy to scrape off the hair and rubbish of the broom silk into dustpan. The design is very user-friendly, so you don’t have to use your hands to remove the trash that gets tangled in the bristles of the broom. If you mind cleaning up by hand, this design must be your first choice.

4.Efficient Cleaning
Anyone who has cleaned the house will definitely have a deep feeling. It is best to clean it in place only once. Repeated cleaning will be very tiring.
Therefore, when choosing a broom, you can focus on the bristles, and choose thick and soft ones which can effectively grab dust and dirt.

5.Easy storage
Standing dustpan locks in open position for easy emptying. There are holes above the poles for brooms and dustpans for hanging, and the folded dustpans can be stored upright without taking up space.