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Different types of dusters

We can easily notice that there are different types of dusters during usage. Dusters can be divided into different types from materials, uses and other aspects, and the appropriate type is more conducive to our cleaning.

Microfiber dusters
Microfiber dusters are the most widely used dusters in our daily life. These dusters use microfiber head, which is easy to clean body surface. Because of electrostatic action, the fiber can easily absorb fine dust.Easy to use and labor-saving, with a retractable handle, even petite users can clean dust from high places.

The microfiber dusters is often used to clean up small particles such as dust, but it is not generally effective in cleaning liquid or stubborn stains. Another disadvantage is the microfiber duster is not convenient to wash and difficult to reuse, which makes it necessary to replace new microfiber head frequently.On top of that, microfiber dusters of poor quality have a fiber shedding problem.

Chenille mop
Chenille is another material of dusters. It has a tighter structure and a better appearance, and we don’t have to worry about shedding. Chenille fabric also has a better water absorption, allowing dusters to be used to remove liquid stains, so chenille dusters has more scope for household cleaning, like car washing, etc.

But the Chenille Dusters also have their disadvantages. Chenille fabrics are prone to warping and flaking, especially after washing. Although does not affect the use, but still makes it can not be reused for a long time.