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Are Toilet Brushes Unhygienic to Have?

First time when I saw this question, I think it’s really a interesting question.
Toilet brush is an important invention after the invention of toilet, I also believe that human invented toilet brush for hygiene.But the toilet brush does not belong to hygiene cleaning products, because it will contact excrement and other dirt, is very easy to breed bacteria.
So how should we use the toilet brush hygienically? I present some of my views here, and discussions are welcome.

First, when buying products I think you should choose toilet brushes with hang hole that can be hung on the wall, or it have a base, as this will allow them to dry, and the base will also suppress the odor to some extent.

Second, when we using toilet brush, I recommend using it together with toilet detergent. While cleaning the toilet, the toilet detergent can also clean up the dirt on the toilet brush.

Third, after use, flushing the toilet brush I feel is a necessary step. Rinse with clean water, then hang or place to dry in a ventilated and dry place. If the bristles are made by plastic will be not suitable for exposure to the sun for too long, some may deform.

Fourth, the toilet brush needs to be disinfected regularly. The most convenient way is to soak it in disinfected water, which can eliminate bacteria and prolong the service life of the product. But even if it is cleaned frequently enough, the toilet brush must be replaced when the bristles are deformed and the bristles begin to fall off.

Finally, you must wash your hands after using the toilet brush to prevent germs from harming your health.

In a word, a toilet brush is a hygienic cleaning tool to have if you use it correctly.