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Are there any special mops?

What dose “special”mean? If it means the product is chic, then I probably have nothing to recommend, but if it is full of functions, then I do have some products to recommend.

1.3 in 1 spray mop sweeper

The first one I want to recommend is 3 in 1 multi function mop. As you can see, it include universal mop and sweeper, and it can spray water.

The sweeper is on the mop plate and can be easily removed. After removal, it is an mini sweeper, which can sweep the garbage on the ground before mopping the floor.

After sweeping the floor, you can directly dump the garbage, which is no different from ordinary sweepers.

After sweeping the ground, you don’t need to wet the mop pad, just add water to the water bottle and spray the ground. Then you can mop as usual. You can also add detergent or disinfectant to the bottle if you have pets or children at home.

One mop has three functions, I think it is a special mop.

2.Electric Cordless Spin Mop
Cleaning is a daily work, for some people, cleaning is a stress-relieving activity, but for more people, they are very tired after a day of work and do not want to take up rest time for cleaning.

So the invention of smart electric cleaning tools is becoming more and more popular among young people

The second one I want to introduce is an electric mop. This mop is rechargeable and comes with a replacement battery. The pole can be extendable, and the height of the pole can be adjusted according to different heights, which is suitable for people of different heights.

The mop base has a water tank, one of which is an X box, which can add cleaning liquid and disinfectant, and can also add hot water, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

The mop plate can also be filled with water, because it has a water spray function, which can be used to mop the floor while spraying water. There are several options for mopping microfiber pads, and you can choose different pads for different floor to avoid scratching the surface.

The most labor-saving part is that the mop can be remote controlled and mopped by itself, which greatly reduces the labor force.
After moping, all you need to do is put the mop back on the base and press the switch, and the mop will start cleaning and drying on its own. The design of cleaning and separation can ensure that the mop will not be polluted by dirty water and be completely cleaned.

These two mops that I introduced today are very “special” to me. They are very functional and are very good choices for family use.