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Are microfiber dusters effective?

For me, the answer is yes. Microfiber dusters are effective.

The furniture is easy to accumulate dust, especially in the dry and windy day. When we open the window for ventilation, it will make the furniture by the window accumulate dust.

It’s really troublesome to clean with towel and water every day, but if you have a duster at home and clean it at any time, it will become very convenient. Even some microfiber dusters have the function of electrostatic adsorption, so the dust does not fly around.

As a lady who is not very tall, I will definitely buy a extendable microfiber duster, which can reach the ceiling, chandeliers, and the top of the cabinet, which is very convenient and easy to use.

Moreover, such a duster has another advantage. Its head can be bent arbitrarily, just like below photo shows, it can be bent to clean the top of the cabinet, and it can also be wrapped around the lamp post for cleaning.

It is a very important function, it solves a lot of trouble and makes cleaning very easy.

Then we talk about the material. The microfiber dust can absorb dust and garbage very well, generate static electricity during friction, and it will not float everywhere, ensuring that every cleaning is effective.

The microfiber duster can be washed directly with water. After cleaning and drying, the duster is the same as the new one, and it will not affect the use at all.

If the duster is very dirty, you can also soak the duster in water, add some detergent, soak it for about ten minutes and then clean it.

I would like to give you a suggestion. When you choosing a duster, you can first check whether it will shed lint easily,you can shake it a few times or use your hand to touch it. Otherwise, If the duster you bought sheds lint, you will only do invalid cleaning.