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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spin Mop

Jan 04,/2022

The spin mop can be regarded as the earliest hands-free mop on the market. It is so popular that every household had one. So is the spin mop suitable for every family use? We must understand its various advantages and disadvantages at first.

Advantages of Spin mop:

1. Strong water absorption
Whether it is cotton yarn or microfiber fiber cloth, it has strong water absorption. And the disc design is suitable for cleaning large areas of dirt.
The water in the bucket can be cycled to clean the mop. It saves more water than washing it every time you finish mopping an area.

2. Less physical effort: Hands-free
The spin mop is based on the principle of centrifugal force generated by rotation. With a little manpower, the mop has the same effect as being dried in a washing machine. It makes you don’t need to dry the pad with your hands.
And larger buckets are usually equipped with wheels, so there is no need to carry water.

3. Can freely control the humidity of the mop
Thanks to the bucket wringer, when using the rotating mop, the humidity of the mop can be controlled according to the dirt on the ground. It will not make the floor too wet and cause mildew.

4. Humanized new design
Ordinary spin mop always with disc design plate, it is very inconvenient to clean the corner. So we made a humanized new design, the mop plate can be bent, it can clean the corner easily.

Disadvantages of Spin mop:

1. Requires Space
Spin mop comprises of a bucket, a mop. The bucket will occupy a large area, which makes storage very inconvenient.

2. It also can be a laborious cleaning task
If the bucket without wheels and have big capacity, you have to carry water by yourself. It takes a lot of effort. So it’s very important to choose a bucket with the right capacity.

3. The durability of the spin mop set
According to daily use, the mop head needs to be changed every few months, especially the cotton mop head. And because of the different mop head sizes, you have to buy the same size pad to replace it.
And the bucket is made of plastic, once the plastic ages, it is easy to break. If the bucket is broken or the wringer can’t be used, the mop will become a regular mop.